Tips For Playing Mini Golf With A Child

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Tips For Playing Mini Golf With A Child

10 January 2018
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Mini golf is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy, and the proof is evident whenever you visit a mini golf center in your area — you'll commonly see everything from small children to senior citizens enjoying this pastime. If you're going to be playing mini golf with a child for the first time, perhaps with your own child or a niece or nephew, it's important for you to adopt the right strategy so that this experience is enjoyable for everyone. You need to accept that getting through the 18 holes will take longer than you might expect, but that's par for the course. Here are some tips that you should use to have fun.

Don't Be A Stickler For Rules

You need to accept that a young child will break some of the rules of mini golf — and that's OK. As long as the child isn't harming anything on the course or bothering other golfers around your group, it's fine to just let the child have fun. Don't be a stickler for the rules. For example, don't insist that everyone takes their shots in a different order; if the child wants to always shoot first, that's fine. Similarly, if the child is distracted by a certain element on any given hole, just play through and don't worry about forcing the child to finish that particular hole.

Be Mindful Of Those Behind You

Your pace of play will slow down when you're mini golfing with a child, but you don't want to slow down the progress of those who are behind you. You should always keep an eye out for other players and, if they're routinely catching up to you and having to wait while you finish each hole, there's no harm in stepping aside for a moment and allowing the other players to go ahead of you.

Accept That Children Have Shorter Attention Spans

While some children will stay focused for each of the 18 holes of play, this isn't the case for every child — especially those who are younger. You don't need to complete all 18 holes to have a fun day. If the child's attention begins to wane partway through the round, just accept that this is the way things are. Perhaps the child wants to look at one of the mini golf course's windmills spinning or dip the tip of his or her putter into the small stream of water flowing past one hole. Giving the child the chance to enjoy these small pleasures, rather than trying to have him or her continue playing, is OK.

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