Three Ways to Let Your Team Get to Know Each Other at Your New Company

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Three Ways to Let Your Team Get to Know Each Other at Your New Company

16 January 2018
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A brand new company means that coworkers are brand new to one another. Though everyone should have a clear job description and understand what is expected of them in their role at the company, workers also need to get to know their coworkers. Learning about one another while building up a startup can be difficult, as days tend to be busy. If you want to build up a strong team that can support each other, the team will need to get to know another and work together. Here are three good ways to get your team together inside and outside of work to get to know one another. 

1. Install a monthly pizza and beer day

Getting everyone to loosen up and talk about themselves will be a little bit easier over food and drinks. Instead of having a formal sit-down meal that will inspire everyone to act formal, you should have a pizza and beer day. This can be held in the last hours after work or during a communal lunch hour. Let everyone know that you will be having pizza and beer together and that the topic should be about anything but work. This will aid coworkers in finding their way into personal topics with one another. 

2. Team building in an escape room

Nothing can show off skills and help people combine their efforts than team building escape rooms. Escape rooms take a lot of brain power in order to figure out how to get through. If you have a small company, everyone should go into an escape room together. If your startup is large, you should divide up into two teams. Each team can compete for the best time overall in the escape room and the winning team can get another outing together instead of a day at work. 

3. Institute pairs Friday

Friday is one of the days workers most look forward to, as they are the day that the weekend begins. Most workers are a little excited and may get less work done. In order to speed up production for the business and have workers learn about one another, institute a pairs Friday. On pairs Friday, your workers should have a teammate and work on one task together. This will allow people to learn about one another's working styles, plus make sure that production is still in top shape. In order to do pairs Friday randomly, have half of the team draw a name out of a hat that contains the names of the other half of the team.