Avoid Making These Mistakes When You Rent A Bounce House For A Birthday Party

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Avoid Making These Mistakes When You Rent A Bounce House For A Birthday Party

18 January 2018
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You'll be the coolest parents on the block if you have a bounce house delivered to your yard in time for your child's birthday party, but as much as the young guests will be thrilled about bouncing the afternoon away, you need to ensure that everyone stays safe. One of the best ways that you can make safety a priority is to avoid making the simple oversights that could potentially put those who are enjoying the bounce house at risk. Here are some mistakes that you should be vigilant about avoiding.

Letting Too Many Kids Bounce At The Same Time

When you rent the bounce house, you'll learn from the rental company how many people it is designed to hold at a time; this information is also commonly marked near the door of bounce houses. It's a mistake to let too many kids bounce at the same time, and you'll need to stay sharp to avoid letting this issue occur. Children will often want to enter the bounce house before they've been told that doing so is OK, so you'll need to make sure that you or another responsible adult is always stationed at the door to control the number of children inside the house.

Turning Off The Air Blower

A bounce house needs to have the air blower running at all times to keep the structure properly inflated and ensure that those inside it are safe. When the air blower isn't running, the bounce house will begin to lose its integrity and the potential for children falling into each other and getting injured can increase. Don't make the mistake of turning off the air blower because it's noisy and you need to talk to the children — or allowing the bouncing to go on if the air blower trips a circuit in your home and shuts off.

Failing To Anchor The Bounce House Down

Even though you might be in a hurry to get the bounce house set up in your yard in anticipation of the start of your child's birthday party, you should never skip any steps concerning the proper installation of the structure. Among these is making sure to anchor the bounce house to the ground. When you rent the house, it will come with spikes and tethers that will allow you to anchor it securely. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on the spikes throughout the party and ensure that none of them has lifted. If so, get the children out of the house right away and fix the issue.

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