Pros And Cons Of Renting Studio Space On The Ground Floor Of A Building

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Pros And Cons Of Renting Studio Space On The Ground Floor Of A Building

20 February 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

When you've chosen a recording studio where you'll rent space for a period of days to record an album with your band, you may find that the venue has individual studios on different levels of the building. On one hand, you might simply be eager to secure any space and then get busy with the recording process, but it can be worthwhile to think about the location of each studio space that is available to you and choose the right one. Here are some pros and cons of a recording space on the ground floor.

Pro: Easy For Moving In Your Gear

If you're going to be at the studio for a lengthy period of time, you'll likely be taking a lot of gear with you. A studio space on the ground floor makes it easy to move a significant amount of gear into this space, rather than having to use stairs or an elevator to move gear into a studio space on an upper level. Depending on the size of your band and the amount of gear that you own or are renting, a space on the ground floor can save considerable time and effort.

Con: Easier To Be Distracted

One challenge of a ground-floor studio space is that it's easier to be distracted in a way. For example, if you know that the parking lot is just a few steps away at all times, you might decide to go out for a smoke break far more often than you might if you were recording in a studio on an upper floor of the building. If you choose a ground-floor space, you'll need to make an effort to remain more focused during the recording process.

Pro: Convenient For Guests

While the core group of those who are recording with you might largely be the same day after day, you might occasionally be inviting guests to record with you from time to time. Some artists favor making adults with a multitude of guests, so you may need to coordinate studio time for each of these individuals. They'll appreciate the convenience, especially if they're doing you a favor by contributing their talents to the project, with being able to park and walk right into the studio.

Con: Potential For More Noise

If your ground-floor recording space is just steps from the parking lot, there may be a small risk that you'll be able to hear outside noises from this location. For example, if there were a delivery truck idling in the parking lot, its low grumble may be audible to you and in the recording. This may not be the case with space on an upper level. When you visit a recording facility, don't be afraid to check out multiple rooms to find that one that will suit you best.

For more information about studio space rental, talk to a local recording studio.