Providing Power For Your Video Production Set

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Providing Power For Your Video Production Set

10 April 2019
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

Producing professional quality videos can be remarkably complex and challenging. In addition to the technical skill that is required, there are also many logistical concerns that will need to be met. For example, you may find that providing enough power for the set can be difficult without the use of a powerful generator.

Appreciate The Benefits Of Renting A Generator

When you are needing to provide power to a remote location, a generator can be the only reliable solution. However, buying a generator that can produce enough power may be extremely expensive. Furthermore, you will have to address the long-term storage needs of the generator. For short-term filming projects, purchasing a generator will not make much financial sense. However, renting it from a company like SAS Rentals can be both affordable and convenient. Many rental services can provide on-site setup and configuration of the generators they provide. This will ensure that your generator is ready to operate at peak efficiency.

Consider The Noise Produced By The Generator

Video product sets will require extreme silence as the cameras and microphones can pick up any nearby sounds, and removing these sounds from the final video can be extremely expensive. For this reason, it can be useful to opt for a generator that is designed for use on a video production set. These generators are designed to produce as little sound as possible while they are in operation. In addition to choosing these generators, you may want to invest in noise control fencing to be placed around the unit to further mitigate any sounds that may be produced.

Ensure Enough Fuel Is Kept Available

Running out of fuel for the generator during production can be a major problem, as it can lead to a work stoppage until more fuel is delivered. Keeping a reserve of emergency fuel on the site will allow you to address situations where you may have run out of fuel and want to avoid waiting for more to arrive. If you choose to keep a fuel reserve on site, make sure that it is stored in a safe place in containers designed for storing fuel. Otherwise, it could pose a fire hazard.

Have Battery Backups Onsite

There can be instances in which the generator may simply malfunction despite you having enough fuel present. Unfortunately, this will almost always lead to work interruptions, but you may be able to lessen these issues by having battery backups available. When the generator fails, you can switch to the battery system so that you will be able to finish the current shot or safely shut down any electronic equipment.