Prepare Your Annual Business Meeting For Physical And Remote Attendees

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Prepare Your Annual Business Meeting For Physical And Remote Attendees

15 May 2019
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If you employ a sales force that consists of members who live across the country, it may not always be possible for everyone to get together for an annual sales meeting. Audio video components can be used to promote guest speakers, to unveil a new product line, and to reveal changes that will be occurring within the company, and these items will accommodate people who attend the meeting, as well as those who are located in remote areas.

Video Screens And Audio/Video Conferencing

Dual screens that are located on opposite walls of the room where a conference is being held will give the attendees a clear picture of what you are presenting. If you use audio/video conferencing software, people who are not present can see what is displayed and their personal images can also be projected from each screen.

This can be useful during a question and answer session or if you have someone on your team who will be speaking to the group as a whole, but they are not able to attend the meeting in person.

When selecting rental screens, choose some that are housed in mobile units that can be moved across the floor or that contain brackets that will allow you to suspend each screen from hardware that is secured to the walls of the conference room.

Coaxial cables will also be necessary, so that you can connect the screens prior to usage. An audio/visual integration provider can assist with your user interface, so that you can quickly switch applications or use additional a/v components that are needed during a formal presentation. 

A Microphone And Speakers

Projecting your voice is necessary when commanding your audience and since you are not on the opposite end where your remote employees are located, you will have no idea how clear their computer or laptop's audio is. A microphone will omit garbled words and will provide your vocal tones with an even resonance. This may be a factor that will keep your employees entertained throughout a speech that you give.

Speakers are another important piece of audio visual equipment that will be helpful if you are holding a meeting in a room that is not soundproof or if you are going to be speaking to a large amount of people. Coughs, whispers, and laughter that is coming from the audience will be concealed as your voice is emitted from the speakers that are part of the sound system.

Speak to a local AV service for more help.