4 Romantic Locations to Propose

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4 Romantic Locations to Propose

15 July 2019
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If you're like most people who've recently realized that the person they've been dating is the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with, you're probably experiencing a mixture of elation and apprehension. You're elated at the prospect of starting married life with the person of your dreams, but you may be feeling a bit of apprehension because you want to create the most magical scenario possible for popping the big question. After all, the moment the two of you agree that you don't want to be without each other will set the tone for the rest of your life together. 

Most people have individual preferences concerning the best time of year to propose marriage, and each season has its own special romance. Following are four ultra-romantic locations divided by season designed to provide you with inspiration about where to express true love and take that first step in the direction of the altar.

A Cozy Log Cabin in the Snow Zone

There's something that snowfall and log cabins in the woods that makes everything seem dreamy and ethereal. This is particularly true on nights when thick snow is falling and you're dining by the light of flickering firelight. Although you can't get any 100-percent guarantees concerning the weather, you can hedge your bets by booking the cabin after snowfall has already built up in the area so at least there will be a romantic covering of snow on the ground, even if snow isn't currently falling. 

An Apple Orchard in Springtime

Walking through an apple orchard under a continuous bower of pale pink apple blossoms is the kind of over-the-top romantic scenario that only the natural world can create. You won't find anything like this in any of the world's best restaurants, so invite your beloved for a picnic in an orchard and ask the all-important question as you breathe in the softly perfumed air. The older the orchard, the better — older apple trees produce sweeter-smelling blossoms. Be sure to get the farmer's permission first, however, to avoid any unpleasant surprises during what should be the most romantic day of both of your lives. 

An Old Covered Bridge in Autumn in New England

New England is renowned for both its vibrant fall foliage and picturesque covered bridges, so it's only natural that the combination provides the type of refined-yet-rustic ambiance perfect for a proposal. Set the stage by planning a romantic getaway for two at an inn or bed-and-breakfast establishment near a covered bridge, and pop the question while after walking to the middle of the bridge. 

A Sea Party for Two in the Mediterranean

Sailing through tropical waters on during sunset on a private boat, particularly in the idyllic Mediterranean Sea while enjoying world-class wining and dining, is sure to be the stuff that peak romantic memories are made of. Throwing a proposal and a happy acceptance into the picture will make it a day neither of you forgot for the rest of your lives. As an added bonus, the seaport of Ibiza makes a fabulous destination wedding locale or dreamy honeymoon getaway. 

Situated on the east coast of Spain, the community of Ibiza offers everything from vibrant nightlife to a quaint, picturesque fishing village vibe. Be sure to spend a few days after enjoying your sunset cruise and maybe even plan a return visit for the big day. Keep in mind that you can also exchange vows on the water or enjoy a fabulous engagement party with friends and family while sailing through the Mediterranean on a party boat. Contact a company that organizes boat parties in Ibiza for more information.