Don't Book Your Wedding Ceremony Venue Before Checking These Elements

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Don't Book Your Wedding Ceremony Venue Before Checking These Elements

30 September 2019
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Your choice of ceremony venue for your wedding will be a permanent part of your wedding day memories. It can make or break a wedding ceremony in the eyes of the happy couple, the guests, and posterity. 

So, as you look for the right venue, how can you make sure you choose the best one within your needs and budget? Here are four key practical elements of wedding venues to keep in mind no matter how traditional or eclectic your ceremony will be.

The Views. Look at the ceremony location from every angle. What is behind the couple and their officiant from the guests' perspective? What about from the sides and edges? What will you and your partner see behind and around you when looking at each other? Will the photographers and videographers find beautiful angles and have plenty of views to work with? If you already have a photographer in mind, consider asking them to help vet the ceremony location. 

Guests' Sight Lines. Test out how your ceremony will appear to guests seated at different spots in the audience. Can everyone see comfortably? Will they have to crane their necks, stand up, or move chairs to get a decent view? If so, consider ways to minimize or eliminate the amount of bad seats in the house.

Ceremony Size. Will your wedding party be composed solely of yourself and your partner? In this case, you want a more intimate space where guests can be placed a little closer so there is not a huge and obvious gap. If your party will be larger, make sure everyone can gracefully process and stand in logical places during the ceremony. 

Sound. During your ceremony, you want everyone to hear the important parts comfortably. A larger venue often calls for some sort of microphone and sound system. If you don't want that, consider trimming down the ceremony size so that guests can all be seated close enough to hear. Test the acoustics while standing at the very spot where you will exchange vows. Do the sounds carry? Do they echo? Finally, visit the venue at your ceremony hour to make sure there won't be unwanted noise pollution.

While you want to inherently love your ceremony venue, taking the time to test out its practicality in these four areas will help ensure that this love stays true. And then you will select a location in which you really can make your ceremony dreams come true.