Planning a Community Music Show? Rent This Stage Equipment

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Planning a Community Music Show? Rent This Stage Equipment

27 February 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

If you're aware of many musical performers in your community and you want to organize a local event that will share their talents, there are several steps to take. You'll need to secure a suitable venue—perhaps a local park—and employ a marketing campaign that will raise awareness of this event. You'll also need to rent a variety of stage-related equipment to set up at the venue. Doing so will help to give your community music event a professional feel. Here are some pieces of equipment that should be on your rental list.

1. A Portable Stage

First and foremost, you'll need a portable stage for your community music show. A stage is integral to giving the bands a proper place to perform so that those who gather can see the show. Speak to a company that specializes in portable stages, as you'll quickly learn that there are many different types of stages. You can specify the square footage that you need, as well as how high you want the stage to be. Based on the type of event that you're organizing, your rental agent can offer professional insight to help you get the right portable stage size.

2. A Drum Riser

Another stage-related piece of equipment to rent is a drum riser. This is essentially a small stage that the drum equipment and the drummer himself or herself occupies. Given that the drummer typically sits toward the back of the stage, a drum riser helps him or her to be visible behind the other performers. It's almost certain that your portable stage provider also rents drum risers, so you can look at the different options and choose one of a suitable size for your performers.

3. A Chorus Riser

Similarly, you may also want to rent a couple of chorus risers for your community music show. These are similar to drum risers in that they allow the performers—backup singers, in this case—to be visible behind their bandmates. Chorus risers are available in different styles. Some are simple platforms that are designed to accommodate specific numbers of performers, while others are bleacher style—in other words, they have two or three separate levels, much like the bleachers of a sports stadium. This type of chorus riser is ideal if there are a large number of singers who will need to use them. You can almost certainly get chorus risers wherever you rent your portable stage.