3 Ways To Find The Best Shows On Netflix For Your Family

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3 Ways To Find The Best Shows On Netflix For Your Family

10 September 2020
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When you have some free time, it's nice to sit down, switch on Netflix, and watch something new. However, many parents are concerned about finding fun, family-friendly content that appeals to the whole crew. Here are three simple ways to find the best shows on a streaming service for your family. 

1. Switch On Parental Controls

You may love graphic movies detailing previous wars or complex health threats, but they may be a little too intense for your children. Fortunately, parents can adjust settings within their Netflix account to screen for mature content. 

Among other options, parents can set Netflix to only show TV-Y, which is appropriate for kids six and younger, and TV-Y7, which are shows appropriate for kids under seven. Other settings make it simple to switch off listings that contain swearing or sexual content, allowing your child to find fun shows that won't cause problems. 

2. Rate Everything You Watch

As you and your kids go through and watch shows, rate the listing by giving it a like or unlike. While it will be an extra step, rating shows helps the system to create new algorithms about what you wanted to watch and what you didn't, which could make finding new shows that meet your criteria a lot easier. 

For instance, if you love cooking shows centered around a common theme, liking all of the versions you watched previously can help the system pull new suggestions from its vast index, introducing you to that Australian- or UK-based show that falls along the same lines. 

3. Create Individual Profiles

However, liking individual shows and using parental controls won't work well if all of your family is using the same profile. As parental controls are switched on and off and kids, teens, and adults rate shows, it can confuse the system, listing adult-themed shows next to creations made for toddlers. To keep the system in check, create separate user profiles for everyone in your family, including parents. 

If you are concerned about what someone in your family has watched, check their viewing history. In the settings under that particular user, you can check out which shows they have recently watched and delete one more listing, which can help the system reshuffle the recommended shows for that profile. If you spot a concern, address it with kindness, since it's easy to click on the wrong show when millions of listings are available with the touch of a button. 

Use these tips to find the best TV shows on Netflix for you and your family.