4 Reasons To Gift A Streaming Channel Subscription For The Holidays

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4 Reasons To Gift A Streaming Channel Subscription For The Holidays

19 November 2020
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

As you plan out a holiday shopping list, giving people hours of entertainment options can become one of the biggest gifts to give. A subscription to an online streaming service opens up a lot of opportunities and allows you to pick a specific option like a Louisiana streaming channel subscription.

Learn about the benefits and reasons to gift a streaming subscription and how your gift can become an annual holiday tradition.

1. Year-Round Access

When you purchase an annual subscription, you are giving a gift that will last for months and months into the future. Each time a person loads up content onto a Louisiana streaming service, they will feel gratitude for the gift you gave them. By the time the 12-month subscription ends, you can purchase a whole other year for a new holiday present.

2. Annual Discounts

Not only does a person get to use the present every day for a year, but you can often receive discounts when you subscribe to a streaming service for a complete year. You will save money off the monthly fees and can purchase everything as a single bulk option.

During special holiday promotions, you may find even bigger discounts on multi-year options. You can shop for two or three year packages to provide a gift that extends way beyond the first year gift.

3. Bonding Opportunities

If you subscribe to the same streaming service, then you can take the opportunity to bond over the content. You and the person can watch the same shows or movies and use them as discussion points. You can stream content at the same time and use the experience as a way to get closer.

When you find something great to watch, the content is easy to recommend and the person can do the same for you.

4. Physical Gift Add-Ons

A streaming service subscription is an ideal gift to package with streaming equipment. For example, you can purchase a set-top streaming device and an annual subscription. When the person goes to hook up the streaming device, they will already have a channel to download and access content on.

The subscription is an ideal way to add more to the gift and gives a person something digital to go with the physical product. When you shop for a streaming device, make sure the streaming channel is compatible with the device so the person can actually download and stream the content.

Turn streaming access, like access to Louisiana Film Channel, into one of the best gifts you give during the holiday season.