How to Start Collecting Horror Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl Records

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How to Start Collecting Horror Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl Records

23 July 2021
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog

In modern times, there are many ways to listen to music. Portable listening devices make it easy to take your music with you wherever you go. However, some people still find satisfaction in the clear quality and tactile nature of vinyl records. Horror motion picture records can bring spooky scores to your record player. Here are some tips that will help audiophiles and horror movie lovers start a horror vinyl collection of their own:

1. Let your musical taste guide you.

Vinyl records are collector's items that are meant to be enjoyed. Listening to the records you own is half the fun. When choosing horror movie soundtracks, let your musical tastes guide you. Choose scores made by composers that you enjoy

2. Create themed horror vinyl collections.

When you're new to the world of record collecting, you may not know where to begin. Horror movies have been popular for several decades, and there have been many great hits across the genre. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the amount of choice available, you can start by narrowing down your options. Try choosing a theme to direct your purchases. You may want to try collecting motion picture soundtracks from zombie movies or vampire movies, to begin with. As your collection grows, you can branch out into different themed capsule collections. 

3. Search for colored vinyl.

Horror motion picture soundtrack art is spooky and eye-catching. Many people find it to be one of the great appeals of collecting vinyl records. However, the aesthetic joy of collecting horror vinyls doesn't have to end at the cover. Some vinyl records are molded from colored vinyl, creating eye-catching patterns and pictures. Spooky, colored vinyl records sound just as great as standard records, and they can be fun new additions to your collection. 

4. Keep your eyes out for used vinyl records.

Vinyl is a strong material that is built to stand the test of time, which is one of the reasons that horror vinyl soundtracks are excellent collector's items. When you're on the hunt for items to add to your collection, you may be able to find some rare horror movie soundtracks by looking for used vinyl records. When purchasing used vinyl, make sure you check the condition of the record before the sale is finalized. Mistreatment and a lack of care can cause vinyl records to degrade prematurely. However, as long as you purchase records that have been handled well, you can find some great deals on used horror records.

To start creating a horror vinyl collection for yourself, make sure to check in stores and online for the vinyl you are looking for.