Charter A Boat Tour Of The Na Pali Coast. You Won't Be Disappointed

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Charter A Boat Tour Of The Na Pali Coast. You Won't Be Disappointed

4 April 2022
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Accessible only by taking a hike through rugged terrain or by boat, the Na Pali coast is a true wonder of the island of Kauai. The next time you are going to be visiting Hawaii, be sure to head over to the "Garden Island" and charter a tour of the remote location. You will find there are different types of boats and different types of tours so you can be sure to enjoy the excursion to the fullest. Here are a few of the different Na Pali coast boat tours.


Grab some friends and head out for a snorkeling tour. The pristine waters allow for the perfect setting for seeing all kinds of marine life in their natural habitat. A snorkeling tour usually includes seeing some dolphins and whales, waterfalls, and even some sea caves. While many of the other tours may offer snorkeling if the weather is right, these tours specialize in making sure you get in the water and have a great time. In addition, you will be served beverages and a light meal.


It is true that the Na Pali coast has some of the best sightseeing you will see on the islands. When you take a tour that specializes in these sights you will not miss out on any of what the coast has to offer. The tour will include beverages, snacks, and a guide who will inform you of all the history and customs of the area. You may choose to take one of these tours at night with a full dinner and a soft, romantic setting. These tours are available on both the north shore and west side locations. You may find yourself booking the other location after experiencing one of them.

Raft Adventure

If you want to get closer to the cliffs and waterfalls, explore further up the coast, travel to private beaches, and see old cathedrals, find a tour offering raft adventures. These watercraft move fast and the ride is bumpy but worth it. Enjoy beverages and a meal while experiencing all the coast has to offer.

Even if you are up for the long hike to get to the Na Pali coast, it would be worth it to book a charter Na Pali coast tour too. If you hike to the coast you can only go so far without having the proper permit to continue, while boat tours can take you around the coastline so you can see it all in its breathtaking beauty.

For more information on Na Pali coast boat tours, contact a professional near you.