Three Water-Based Activities For Your Family

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Three Water-Based Activities For Your Family

6 December 2022
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Some families have backyard swimming pools that they enjoy many times throughout the summer, but if you don't have a pool, you'll need to look for other outdoor activities on sunny days. Depending on where you live, there may be a variety of water-based activities that you can enjoy with your kids. Whether you plan one of these visits with them or visit as a surprise, it can be fun and refreshing to spend time in and around the water. Here are some water-based activities that are a good option for families. 


If you're lucky enough to live a short distance from a waterpark, this is definitely a place that you should visit as a family. Waterparks provide all sorts of activities for people of all ages. If your kids are young, they'll enjoy the beginner-level slides. For teenagers who have a daring streak, the high and fast slides will beckon. Parents will often enjoy floating around the lazy river on inner tubes, and the whole family can have fun getting jostled around in the wave pool. Waterparks have restaurants on-site, so you can have one or more meals during your visit.

Splash Pad

Many community facilities are equipped with splash pads, which can be a good way to spend some time on a hot day. Your kids will enjoy running around and jumping through the various jets of water. You might not run around like them, but you can certainly put your feet and legs in the water and enjoy getting cooled off. Community splash pads often have lots of kids on sunny days, so this outing can often help your children to meet new friends. If you plan to spend a long time at the splash pad, think about packing a picnic that you can enjoy in a shaded spot.

Wading Pool

While a lot of families visit outdoor or indoor community swimming pools, there's a different option that you might think about trying. If your children are very young, a wading pool may be a better fit than a conventional swimming pool. Even small children can stand in the water with their parents' assistance, which most kids will enjoy. They'll get to splash around and cool off when the weather is warm, and you'll appreciate the safety of this environment.

Consider one or more of these water-based family activities during the hot days of summer. Contact a local service provider, such as Living Treasures Animal Park of Donegal, to learn more about family activities.