Reasons To Buy Collectible Card Game Cards By The Box

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Reasons To Buy Collectible Card Game Cards By The Box

1 August 2023
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If you've recently developed an interest in collectible card games, building your collection of cards will likely be your top priority. Someone in your position has a few options about how to acquire cards, including buying card singles and buying boxes of packs. There are several advantages to buying singles, which you can do at card stores, card shows, and online. However, you should also understand the reasons that buying boxes of your favorite collectible card game cards is a good idea. Here are three reasons to shop for these cards by the box, rather than buying single cards.

Sense Of Excitement

Opening boxes of collectible card game cards is an exciting process. When you shop for single cards, you know exactly what you'll buy. With boxes of cards, however, it's an entirely different story. If you have a few specific cards that you need to complete a set, it's exciting to know that your box may contain them. A lot of card enthusiasts open boxes together and enjoy celebrating with each other when they get certain cards that they need.

Chance To Find Big Value

A big reason to buy collectible card game cards by the box rather than shop for single cards is the chance to find a card that has an extremely high value. If you're getting into this hobby, you've likely heard about certain cards that are very expensive. A lot of people don't have the budget to be able to buy these cards as singles, so buying boxes is your best shot at getting one of these cards. For example, you might not ever wish to spend $1,000 on a single card, but you might be happy to spend $100 on a box with the hope of getting a card that has a value that exceeds the box's price.

Ability To Trade

When you open collectible card game cards by the box, you'll end up with a lot of doubles. Doubles are cards that you already have in your collection, and this opens the door to being able to trade. A lot of collectors trade their doubles if they don't feel that they need them. Many local card shops have regular trading nights, so you can visit with a selection of your doubles and look for someone who needs them. When you buy single cards, you won't typically shop for cards that you already own — which means that you'd miss out on the process of acquiring doubles and then being able to trade them. 

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