Opening A Hotel? Why You Need Customized Hospitality TV Solutions

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Opening A Hotel? Why You Need Customized Hospitality TV Solutions

23 January 2018
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When guests check into a hotel they want it to have the home away from home feel without the pressures that usually come with running a household. They fully expect to be able to leave the laundry to maid service and should feel confident that when they arrive back into the room after a day of business meetings or fun in the sun, there will be clean sheets, liquid soap and shampoo just waiting for them to use. Electronics plays a major role in this because so many people love to watch their favorite television shows and movies from the privacy of their room. Instead of placing run-of-the-mill television sets in each room, check out why you need customized hospitality TV solutions.

Hospitality TV Solutions Bring Your Brand To The Forefront

Traditional television programming is all about advertising. Companies spend lots of money buying commercials in their attempts to reach the audience and convince them to buy their products. Why not take a page out of that marketing book and let the TV's in your hotel bring your brand into clearer focus?

Customized hospitality solutions make your brand visible to everyone who checks into the hotel. Your hotel's logo will be prominently displayed on the set when guests first arrive in the room and will be minimized to a smaller, yet visible image on every channel that they happen to click on. What this does is reinforce the dominance of your brand and make your hotel the star of the show no matter what show a guest is watching.

Hospitality TV Should Be About Convenience

You may remember the days when hotels would have a large, bulky phone in each room. There would usually be a document beside the phone that had a number of codes on it that guests could press when they needed something. Whether it was a wake-up call, room service or new sheets, if the person pressed the right code they could get the service.

Hospitality TV's take this service to another level. Instead of having to deal with a cumbersome phone, they can merely sync up their SmartPhone with the television and get what they need via an app. Their choices and preferences will appear on the screen and they can make all of the selections that they need.

The modern world needs modern options. Showcase your hotel's progression by getting customized hospitality TV solutions. Contact a service, like ProTVSolutions for more help.